Roberto Mascotto - Creazioni d'arte


16 June 2008
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Its elegance, durability and ability to charm us with its warmth makes it the perfect material, the noble matter par excellence, a living substance used by man for time immemorial, a never ending source of energy and well-being. Wood is often chosen for its aesthetic appeal. It is used to carve comfortable, welcoming ambiances showcasing its extraordinary visual and tactile qualities.
It inspires us to express and assert our individuality, creating a personal, unique context around us, featuring exceptional components of great quality.
Prized wood is the exclusive medium used to carve the furniture inspired by works of art, kept in museums and private collections. In these pieces, skilled artisans, experts perhaps but more importantly people consumed by a passion, have thought of the slightest detail. They have unconditional, unyielding respect for the working methods and techniques developed by the time-honoured school of Veneto artisanship.
This is why our creations are not only functional, but they also fashion aesthetics, sparking extraordinary sensorial and emotional experience every day, becoming, in their own right, works of art.